Pottery Barn Style Without the PB Price: Mendocino Iron Bed

We’ve been without a proper bed frame since we left Denver in 2013. I loved the Room & Board bed that I had, but it was just too big for the tiny rooms of our St Petersburg bungalow, so I sold it. We had a cheap upholstered headboard in Oregon but the cats did a real number on that one so it went to the curb when we moved.

I first ran across the Pottery Barn Mendocino bed about two decades ago while living in Chicago. I was in my late twenties and starting to feel like a proper adult. Sadly, my paycheck didn’t stretch far enough to allow me to make that purchase.

Last month I was tooling around eBay and came across a listing for “the most beautiful iron bed” and it turned out to be the Mendocino! Well, they didn’t call it that, but it totally was and for only $650, which is about half the price that PB charges. After factoring in the delivery cost and tax it was nearly $1000 dollars less. The only questions I had were: 1) was this real? and 2) would I actually get it?

I did my due diligence before placing the order and it seemed that many people had bought the bed and were happy with it. I took the plunge and submitted an order for a king size. Shortly after I learned the seller was actually Benecia Foundry out of California. Could this really be the manufacturer of the Mendocino bed?? It’s been years since I’ve seen the PB bed in person, but this bed arrived today by truck delivery and looks great.

Here’s hoping for years and years of comfy and stylish nights.

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